Tradition & modern – Joh. Albrecht micro breweries

In restaurants, castles, cruise ships or modern clubs – micro breweries have not only kept their charm but are continuing to grow in popularity.
Because the beer is brewed in front of the guests, served directly from the cellar and drunk in pleasant atmosphere, both the palate and soul benefit from what is a purely pleasurable experience.

Around the globe we plan and realize custom-made brewery plants for gastronomy operators, investors, visionaries and individualists who all aim to grow the market with the model “micro brewery”.
With a variable annual capacity from 500 hl our breweries are suitable for the production of all types of beer. To an agreed offer price we ensure all technical requirements for the brewery are tailored to a client’s individual concept.

The brewery equipment is delivered and assembled as a complete unit including all essential components up to filling of the beer in bottles or kegs according to the customer’s requirements. By our special modular construction installation expense and commissioning of the whole plant can be essentially reduced.

Micro Brewery Ursus
Micro Brewery Ursus
Handschriftgrafik: Gasthausbrauerei
Hintergrundbild Gasthausbrauerei