Patented & unique –
Glass brewhouses by Joh. Albrecht

In response to our customers’ desire for transparency and innovation, the idea was born to develop a brewhouse made of glass.

In micro breweries they are a spectacular visual enrichment. In research laboratories it is possible to view the entire brewing process in a multi-functional brewhouse.

To date we have constructed more than 20 „glass breweries“ – a real success story.

The feeling of participating the brewing process is enhanced by having a direct view to the visible creativity of the brew master will provide an unforgettable event for your guests.

Output: 3 hl, 5 hl, 8,5 hl or 10 hl according to customer’s requirements.

Glass brewhouse AIDA BLU
Glass brewhouse AIDA BLU
Handschriftgrafik: Das Glassudhaus
Hintergrundbild Glassudhaus