Pils made of sea water 

First brewery on a cruise liner

The company Joh.Albrecht Munich assembled the first fully functional brewery which was put into operation in January 2010 on the cruise liner AIDAblu.

In a brewhouse made of glass 500 liters wort can be brewed per brew. The storage tanks on board have a capacity of 13.000 liters.

The 252 m cruise liner AIDAblu of Aida Cruises a subsidiary of the Carnival-Group from Miami (Florida) is equipped with the first brewery on board producing permanently three kinds of beer which is stored in the storage cellar in unitanks (ZKGs).

The malt is grinded on board. Two standard beers and one seasonal beer are brewed on deck 10 in a two unit brewhouse with cylinders made of borosilicate glass. Dispensing is executed via three 1.000 liters service tanks made of copper, directly to the dispensing cock. The brewing water is provided from sea water recycled by the water preparation on board.

A special challenge regarding the planning, installation and operation of the brewery were the requirements to technical equipment for shipbuilding. This means especially the space saving construction, ship specific fixings and also the compliance with the standards of the American public health authority (USPH standard).

After the successful start-up of the brewery on the AIDABlu the company Joh.Albrecht Brauereitechnik received another two orders for the assembly of breweries on cruise liners.